TWIS: The First Images Of The Sun's Chromosphere, Stone Age Surgical Amputation, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.

All the biggest science news stories of the week.
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image credit: Edited by IFLScience

This week, we saw the stunning first-ever images of the Sun’s chromosphere, a link is found between living near oil refineries and risk of stroke, and we learn that the electric car actually predates Tesla – the man, not the company. 

World’s Largest Solar Observatory Releases First Images Of Sun’s Atmosphere


The National Solar Observatory’s most powerful instrument yet, the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope on Maui, Hawaii is now in operation and has released its first images. These are the first images of the chromosphere, a region of the Sun's atmosphere. Read the full story here

A 31,000-Year-Old Leg Amputation Is The World's Oldest By A Long Shot

A 31,000-year-old skeleton discovered in Borneo appears to have undergone a surgical amputation of its left foot. While Stone Age surgery sounds like an extremely dicey move, it looks like the young hunter-gatherer recovered and lived for a number of years after the operation. Read the full story here

Living Near An Oil Refinery Ups Your Risk Of Stroke, Says New Study


Living next to an oil refinery has been linked to an increased risk of stroke in a new study carried out in the southern US. It was also evident that the health burden overwhelmingly impacted poorer people, generally because they are forced to live in areas closer to fossil fuel refineries. Read the full story here

Rare Fossilized Dinosaur Skin And Tail Suggests Epic Fossil Hidden Inside Rock

Every year thousands of volunteers join paleontological digs in the hope of finding a new species of dinosaur. Last year Teri Kaskie spotted bones sticking out of a hillside in Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park, and they look to be part of an exceptionally preserved, possibly complete specimen. Now the slow task of extracting it has begun.  Read the full story here

Physicists Quantum Entangle Two Atomic Clocks For The First Time


Physicists have entangled two optical atomic clocks for the first time. This breakthrough could be a way to go beyond even the most cutting-edge current limit of timekeeping as well as being a fantastic tool in an exciting branch of quantum computing: quantum cryptography. Read the full story here

Feature of the week: 

When Electric Cars Ruled The Road – 100 Years Before Tesla

It turns out “the vehicle of the future” is actually really old news. But why did electric cars fall so far out of public favor before making their big comeback? Read the full story here 


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