This Website Claims It Can "Erase Your Memories" Of TV Shows So You Can Watch Them Again, Unspoiled

James Felton

James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockDec 20 2017, 13:02 UTC

Ezume Images / Shutterstock/Samsung/IFLScience.

There's nothing quite like watching an amazing TV show for the first time. The second time you watch it, however, you're going in with no surprises and the experience is never as good.

You'll never watch Star Wars again and experience that moment where you realize Luke is a Jedi, or the twist in The Sixth Sense where you find out Bruce Willis is actually a pretty decent actor.


And if you're really desperate to relive all of Game of Thrones' harrowing deaths as if it were the first time, Samsung says it has the website for you.

Unspoil me claims to be able to erase your memories of whatever TV show you feel like forgetting that week.

Samsung / Unspoil Me

Before you start the forgetting process, you have to confirm your age and agree to the terms of conditions. This is probably to make you more suggestible, as it looks like something is actually going to work.

The video then plays. Somewhat stereotypically, it starts with a soothing voice asking you to relax and look at a spinning spiral while he counts back from 300.


He then guides you through hypnosis in an attempt to make you forget Prison Break (or a better show of your own choosing).

Samsung / Unspoil Me

The hypnotist uses suggestion to try and make you forget the show, asking you to remember how easy it is to forget things. 

"Sometimes we forget to remember, it's another thing to remember to forget," he says, soothingly.

"That's an ability we all share. Sometimes we forget a name. Sometimes we forget important things."  


After the 23-minute video, the website promises that you will wake up the following morning having forgotten your TV show entirely. Leaving you to watch it again, then come back for more hypnosis. In theory, you could then watch nothing but Breaking Bad for the rest of your life.

So, can it actually work? We're somewhat skeptical and leaning towards the side of "no".

Various aspects of hypnosis have been tested by scientists, and found to be not as wooly as they seem, as this video from ASAP science explains.

However, a whole TV series is a big chunk of your life. It's pretty improbable you are going to forget it, no matter how strong the suggestion is. This is mainly just a (admittedly quite good) marketing gimmick from Samsung.


If you feel like trying it, though, you just need a spare 23 minutes and a nice quiet room. If you'd like to see if you're susceptible to hypnosis, check out this video from mentalist Derren Brown, which makes a smaller claim: That it will force you to stick to your seat, unable to stand up.

If this works, you may be what hypnotists call "highly suggestible", which means it will have more of a chance of working on you.