This Is The Area Where Men Have The Largest Penises, According To A New Survey


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Ask any woman, it’s never been the size of the boat that matters. It's all about the motion of the ocean. Yet, here we are again, comparing penis sizes, and helping men figure out just what the average size of a penis is.

Recently, a reality TV contestant exposing his piece on television sparked a conversation online that made London men's healthcare clinic International Andrology want to commission research into penis sizes, as well as sexual satisfaction, around the UK.


The survey showed that Welsh men were the ones who came out on top on the leaderboard of 2,000 people surveyed, with a rather well-endowed average length of 16.66 centimeters (6.56 inches). Behind them were Londoners at 16.53 centimeters (6.51 inches) and East Anglia in third place with an average 16.43 centimeters (6.47 inches).

What made this research interesting though was the fact that although the East Midlands men were right at the bottom of the list with 15.52cm (6.11 inches) and the South West coming in at 15.82 centimeters (6.23 inches), heterosexual men and women who lived in these regions reportedly had the best sex lives, with 71.43 percent reporting satisfaction with their or their partners penis.

The least satisfied with their sex lives were the men and women of Wales, showing once again that quite frankly, having a large penis does not guarantee the greatest form of intimacy.

Previous research has proven that on a wider scale the average size of a penis when fully erected is 13.12 centimeter (5.16 inches) and when it’s flaccid it can be around 9.16 centimeters (3.6 inches). However, new studies of average lengths and girths of the male penis are still constantly appearing. You may notice that this new survey doesn't match up with previous research at all - even the smallest average area (the South West) had penises of 6.23 inches, compared to the 5.16 inches that is apparently the average.  Luckily, science can again explain this discrepancy: men lie. Yes, it's really been studied. On average, men add around a centimeter to their size in self-reported studies.


So why are men still showing signs of insecurity if the size of their penis clearly doesn’t play a part as to what they’re like in bed? Excellent question. Gentlemen, let us know in the comments.


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