This 2-Year-Old Has A Maniacal Solution To The Trolley Problem


E.J. Masicampo / YouTube

The trolley problem is a famous philosophical dilemma that toys with one’s morality. Now, a video of a 2-year-old “solving” the famous thought experiment has gone viral on YouTube and Reddit.

The thought experiment goes as follows: A trolley is speeding down a railway. Ahead, five people are roped to the tracks, unable to move. You watch all this happen from above. Near you, there is a lever you can use to divert the trolley to a different track. However, that track has one person tied to it. What do you do? Divert the trolley to avoid killing the five individuals, killing the one person in the process? Or do you let the five people die instead?


The dilemma pits killing versus letting be killed, and one human life for five lives. Which do you choose? If you're this kid… well, perhaps you should just watch and see.

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