The Color Of This Handbag Has Divided The Internet, Once Again


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockOct 6 2016, 17:40 UTC

Buckle down the hatches, it’s happening again: An object has found viral stardom by dividing the Internet with its controversial coloring.


This time around, it’s a handbag tweeted by Taylor Corso (@whyofcorso) with the caption “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” To which someone said, “White. Daring.” Corso replied: “it’s blue.” And so, in what’s becoming a bi-annual tradition, a new color debate was born with the hashtag #mybag.



Now, first things first, the bag is actually blue, or "mystic blue" to be precise.

And as usual, there are a few legitimate reasons why it is causing such a ruckus, just as with the white-gold or black-blue dress debate of 2015. First off, the screen you're seeing it on could be skewing your perception. For example, check the image with your smartphone and then your laptop or desktop. Chances are, you’ll notice some discrepancy.


A phenomenon known as color constancy is also likely to be at play. This means your perception of a color can be changed by its context and surroundings. Typically, with an image, other factors like the type of light (whether it's yellow daylight or blueish artificial light) can’t be accounted for, so the brain might make some leaps in judgment without all the information.

So, blue or white? Bad lighting, the brain pulling its usual tricks, or just plain dodgy computers screens? Who knows. Can we all just agree to be more civilized about it this time around?

There's a nice twist to the end of this story, though. Corso has pinned a tweet to her page to raise money for diabetes, making good use of all the publicity she's getting. Click here for the fund raising page.


Hey, every cloud has silver lining. Or is that blue lining?


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