"Someone's Mother Has Four Kids" Viral Riddle May Be The Easiest One Yet

James Felton

James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockJun 9 2021, 10:55 UTC
One of the easiest riddles we've come across.

One of the easiest riddles we've come across. Image credit: Hafiez Razali/

An old riddle has been spreading around the Internet over the last few months, seemingly stumping people who have read it. We've brought you some tricky puzzles in the past, but we promise you this one is a lot less fiendish than those.

The riddle goes as follows:


"Someone’s mother has four sons; three are named North, East, and West. What's the name of the fourth son?"

As is traditional, we will now blow it up on a garish background so that it's how you would receive it on Facebook or WhatsApp.

There are, of course, several possible ways to answer:


1) you decide that the mother has clearly gone for a pattern, naming her sons after directions of the compass, in which case the final son would be called "South"

2) you choose a name at random, maybe she got bored of the above system, and you don't have enough information to guess at what their name might be

3) you realize it is a trick question, and you have been told at the start of the riddle what the solution is. The person's name is Someone, and they have a mother with four sons: North, East, West, and Someone


If you assume it's a riddle rather than an actual person with an unconventional naming system, the answer has to be 3. Now properly test yourself with some tricky puzzles.



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