Seriously, These "Reptilian Alien Mummies" Are Not Real


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Senior Journalist


I want to beleive. Screenshot via UAMN TV/YouTube

These three-fingered “mummies” with elongated heads were allegedly found near the Nazca lines in Peru a few months ago. Sure, they might not look very convincing – in fact, you could say they look a lot like plaster cast – but the people behind the "research" claim they are definitely not a hoax. On the other hand, scientists and mummification experts aren’t so convinced.

In a new video titled “Update: Ancient Mummies Discovered in Peru are Reptilian Not of the Earth,” Jamie Maussan and a gang of UFOlogists speak at a press conference, claiming the "mummies" are a new humanoid-reptilian species that's "never been described before.” They even brought along some laser pointers, an authoritative-looking guy in a white lab coat, and some vaguely convincing X-ray images.


“Thinking of all the characteristics we have found, we think that probably these bodies are a kind of reptile but with a humanoid shape,” one researcher told the crowd. “We can corroborate this from the skin, it’s reptilian skin, it’s porous.”

“We have to try to make a whole genetic study to determine the true biological origin of these beings.”

One impassioned YouTuber posted the comment: “I'm sure that the Smithsonian Institute would be more than happy to take the mummies off their hands... And throw it in the deepest part of the ocean so that it doesn't clash with their precious Darwinian theory!”

The World Congress on Mummy Studies has totally discredited the research involving the "mummies", saying: “We wish to express our concern on the case described below. Mummy studies is a scientific discipline and there is no space for such claims #pseudoscience."


According to the fact-checking website Snopes, many of the individuals working on the project also have a “history of making false, pseudoscientific claims.” Jamie Maussan and Jesus Zalce Benitez, two researchers involved in the project, claimed another mummy was an alien in 2015. It later transpired that it was actually the body of a human child.

It remains unclear whether this is purely a hoax or actual non-alien mummified remains. Archaeologists have long-realized that elongated skulls found in the Americas and the wider world were people who had their heads bound from a young age before their cranial bones fused. That said, these “alien” specimens don’t appear to have the leathery appearance you would expect to see in a real mummy.

As we said, when the mummies first came to light in June, “this ‘discovery’ has more red flags than a bullfighters convention." Even after the latest press conference, our thoughts remain the same.


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