PornHub Data Reveals Something Rather Hilarious Happens On St Patrick's Day


James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockMar 18 2019, 11:21 UTC

Charnsitr/Shutterstock/PornHub Insights

As is tradition, when there is a big holiday or event, PornHub reveals data on how their users chose to celebrate, be it the Royal Wedding, May 4 or the Super Bowl. St Patrick's Day was no exception, and like all the others it's fairly amusing.


PornHub's data is a weird insight into peoples' lives. Take for instance last week during the huge Facebook and Instagram outage of 2019. During this time, PornHub found that people "kept their fingers busy" by heading straight to PornHub, with their traffic levels reaching 19 percent above normal levels at their peak.

Pornhub Insights

It appears that when people can't look at cat videos on Facebook, they think "next best thing" and head to a pornography website. Weirder still is the kind of searches that increased during the outage, with big surges in searches for terms such as tentacle porn (308 percent), WWE (274 percent) and, for some reason, just "Instagram" and "Facebook" (323 and 221 percent, respectively).

PornHub Insights

What the hell the world is supposed to do with this information is another thing, but it's interesting to know that when Facebook users can't access Facebook, they're spending their time looking for Fortnite porn.

St Patrick's Day provides another odd little look into the minds of porn fans, as this newly released data revealed people were certainly "feeling lucky" that day.


For a start, there was a 1,238 percent increase in searches for the term "leprechaun", because of course there was a 1,238 percent increase in searches for the term "leprechaun".

PornHub Insights

There were also massive increases in searches for terms related to Ireland and the Irish, as well as generic searches on the color green and "shamrock", as people sought to honor St Patrick's Day in their own special, private, way. There was a 171 percent increase in people searching for the word "lucky".

The data also gives analysis into just how drunk everyone gets on St Patrick's Day. 


"On March 17, Pornhub’s statisticians found that while overall traffic didn’t change, the average time spent per visit increased by around 5 percent," PornHub said in a press release. "Indicating that people may be taking (or needing) a bit more time to get the job done."

This may be because its users were drunker than usual, and taking more time to search and then "complete" their visit.

"Just as we found on previous years, misspelled searches increase on Saint Patrick’s day. Variations of 'hentai' increase by 18 percent including a 31 percent increase for 'hentia'. Searches for 'lebsian' increased by 19 percent and 'massagw' by 14 percent".

PornHub Insights

Our favorite misspelling is "lesbiam", thank you for asking (though nothing will ever beat this video for misspelling).

So it appears that the way people chose to honor St Patrick's Day was with endless searches for stereotypically Irish-related terms whilst being inebriated to the point they can no longer spell.

Thank you for the insights, PornHub, I'm not sure what to do with this information, again.