Mathematics Tutor On PornHub Helps Students Tackle Rock Hard Calculus


Jack Dunhill


Jack Dunhill

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Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer


Strap in, this time it's your brain that's getting screwed. Image Credit: Nong4 /

There’s a saying that humans can only think with two body parts: our brains, and our genitals. Well, one man may have taken the saying very literally, setting up a channel on PornHub that forgoes bondage and naughty plumbers, instead attempting to teach the audience complex calculus. 

Standing in front of a chalkboard fully clothed, Taiwanese teacher Changhsu (張旭) explains some pretty intense calculus and teaches complex concepts, and at no point does any student walk in asking for "extra credit".


While it may not sound like the ideal place for mathematics, Changhsu and his massive audience disagree – his videos have already racked up an astonishing 1.8 million views under the verified handle changhsumath666 (warning: maybe don’t click that if you’re at work). 

Check out a lesson above. 

“Since very few people teach math on adult video platforms, and since there are so many people who watch videos on them, I thought that if I uploaded my videos there, a lot of people would see them.” expains Changhsu, in an interview with MEL Magazine

The PornHub channel is a noble effort, but it isn’t his main venture. Instead, he uses the traffic from porn-lovers and directs them towards his online course, where he has reportedly earned $250,000 (£182,000) over the last year. He now employs multiple teachers to spread the joy of calculus across multiple platforms. 


“I didn’t want to teach math on Pornhub,” he continues. “I wanted to let the world know that I’m a teacher from Taiwan who can teach calculus well.” 

Believe it or not, Changhsu gets quite a welcoming response for his videos, with the comment section often singing his praises.  

“Now that's more like it. Finally, the lectures I've been looking for. There's a bunch of porn on this website.” writes one commenter, ecstatic they have found the content they were definitely searching PornHub for. 

So, if you wish to learn some hardcore math and are able to block out the actual porn bordering each video, head over to the account. As Changshu’s motto elegantly puts it: “Play Hard, Study Hard!” 


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