Mark The 50 Years Of Apollo 15 With These NASA-Approved All-American Watches


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockSep 21 2021, 16:47 UTC
One of the new Xeric NASA watches

One of the new Xeric NASA watches. Image credit: Xeric

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of "NASA's first lunar road trip" Xeric has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new collection with watches featuring both automatic and Moonphase movements. The Xeric NASA Apollo 15 50th Anniversary collection watches celebrate the achievements of this historic mission with an engraving of the Lunar Roving Vehicle on the back as a stainless-steel engraved coin. Each watch has a colored strap inspired by astronaut gloves, which feature articulated ridges and are crafted from American-made Horween leather.

The watches are the first from Xeric to feature American movements. There are two different movements available. The AmeriChron Automatic movement is a battery-free one that is designed and approved by a certified master-watchmaker. The natural motions of moving your arms keep it charged. It has a 40-hour power reserve and has reliable timekeeping.    

The glow in the dark feature. Image Credit: Xeric

The AmeriQuartz Moonphase version of the Apollo 15 watch instead not only provides you with precise timekeeping, and it also tracks the current phase of the Moon through its 29.5-day cycle. Something very easy to set up. Each watch is limited to 1971 pieces per color (see what they did there) and they are available on Kickstarter. Pre-ordering now not only helps you secure the watch you want most, but it is also 30 percent cheaper than the future retail price. 

On top of being a great all-American watch, the little details really make this an incredible piece. No part of them is done without considering great design. Take for example the crown. The texture of the crown was inspired by the wheel of the Moon buggy. And on top of the crown, is engraved the mission insignia, showing the stylized three birds representing the three astronauts. 

The meteorite version of the dial. Image Credit: Xeric

And if just celebrating space on your wrist is not enough, you can actually wear a piece of space on it. The automatic version of the watch comes with the option of having a slice of an actual meteorite as the dial. The watch dials and hands glow in the dark so even in the darkest of space, you can easily tell the time

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