Ridiculous Homework For 4-Year-Olds Divides The Internet. Can You Answer It?

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

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Facebook / Annie Jordan.

It's something most parents fear: your child coming home one day with homework and asking for help, only to realize that you don't actually know the answer.

You hope the day will never come, or that it will at least come when they're studying their PhD in astrophysics at Harvard.


Unfortunately for one parent, that day came whilst her child was four. Annie Jordan, from Plymouth, was asked by her child to help her with her homework problem – which we've shared with you here.

The first five questions are easy. Even easier than Trump's cognitive test in his medical exam. The only rule is you have to name the objects displayed in the pictures. The clue is that the words are all CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant sound). 

So far, so easy. Then for the final question, it was a photo of a... some sort of... actually what the hell is that?

This seems unusually difficult for a four-year-old. Facebook / Annie Jordan.

Annie asked for help with the answer on her Facebook page, posting: "Right please someone tell me what the last one is, because I literally don’t have a clue," according to the Daily Mail.


So what do you think it is? Have a closer look.

Computer, zoom and enhance on zone five. Pan left. More zoom. Facebook / Annie Jordan.

On closer inspection, it appears to be some sort of ice rink. So what do you think the word is? Have a guess in your head.

Done that? If you said "ice" you've forgotten literally the only rule in the homework, that the letters have to go consonant, vowel, consonant. Don't worry, just about all of Annie's friends did that too.

Some people guessed "wet", which is a good answer, but the teacher would surely have gone for something like a glass of water if that was the answer.


If you guessed "hockey", like several people appeared to, you need to rethink your life and maybe consider heading back to kindergarten for a few years.

So what is the actual answer to this 4-year-old's homework problem?

Jordan confirmed that the correct answer is "rink". 

As someone explained on her Facebook post: "In phonics, this would count as a CvC as three sounds r - i -  nk".


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