Quarantined Cruise Ship Gets "Help" From Unexpected Quarters, And We're Not Sure We're On Board

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The quarantine of cruise ship the Diamond Princess began after an 80-year-old man from Hong Kong became ill with the novel coronavirus, which has infected 31,420 people worldwide so far. 

A total of 61 people aboard the quarantined ship have tested positive for coronavirus so far, with 20 escorted off the ship for treatment. Around 3,700 people are on board the cruise liner moored in Yokohama, Japan.

A second cruise ship – the World Dream – has also been quarantined after eight disembarked passengers also caught virus, though of the 3,600 passengers still on board, none have tested positive for the illness so far, BBC News reports.

The quarantine is expected to last several weeks, with many on board confined to their cabins. Passengers have reportedly been given thermometers to monitor their temperatures, and instructions to contact medical staff if they go above 37.5°C (99.5°F). 

One passenger, David Abel from the UK who was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary on the ship, described the atmosphere as being like a "floating prison".


Though it all sounds grim, some have found things to like about the quarantine.


They've been offered help of course by the Japanese government, which is coordinating the quarantine and ensuring there is adequate food and water for all the passengers. As well as this help, passengers have received offers of help from more unexpected quarters, and we're not sure what to make of the idea.

As if being on a cruise wasn't grim enough, and then a cruise with coronavirus, an adult website has decided to make the whole situation even weirder by offering free "entertainment" to anybody aboard either of the two quarantined ships. 

Company CamSoda (Google it if you must) is offering "free adult webcam sessions with sexy cam models" to any of the passengers. Who are probably there crammed into a tiny cabin with one or more of their close family or friends.

“Our sympathy goes out to those aboard the Diamond Princess and World Dream. They are not only dealing with the fear of infection, which is terrifying, but boredom. We like cruises just as much as the next guy, but without activities or human interaction, the boredom must be crippling," Daryn Parker, vice president of CamSoda, said in an emailed statement.

“In an effort to keep their minds off of the Coronavirus and to help with the boredom, we’re offering passengers and crews the ability to have fun in a safe and controlled environment with camming.”

They specify that "sessions can be sexual and sensual in nature, but don’t have to be," in case being on a quarantined ship with a virus outbreak that's causing worry worldwide whilst your gran's on the other bunk doesn't really get you in the mood, and you'd prefer a bit of a chat.


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