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GIF Shows The Inside Of The Entire Human Body, From Top To Bottom

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116 GIF Shows The Inside Of The Entire Human Body, From Top To Bottom
Submitted by pururu

This awesome GIF shows the entire human body, from top to bottom, in just over ten seconds. Neat. Scientists made extremely thin slides of his body, encasing them in gelatin before freezing and photographing each one individually.

Uploaded by pururu


A video from Touch of Life Technologies on Youtube states that the cadaver was imaged from head to toe with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography equipment on August 5th, 1993, for The Visible Human Project. 

According to the video, "The cadaver was encased in blue gelatin and frozen to -160 degrees Fahrenheit (-71 degrees Celsius). A custom-designed cryogenic macrotome was used to remove one millimeter sections of the rock hard block, revealing slice by slice the beauty and detail within. After each pass, high-resolution color digital photographs were taken of the remaining block.”

In total, 1,878 images were taken and displayed in rapid succession to show the internal structure of the human body.

Taking this one step further, redditor thealphamike reconstructed the image using Phototoshop and After Effects, and the end result is slightly more graphic and rather disturbing. If you’d like to create your own creepy images, he’s even included detailed instructions for you to DIY. 



The full video of how the GIF was made (including more internal body reconstructions) is below:




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