Weird Road Sign Doesn’t Point To Deadly "Squid Game", Police Assure Drivers

Only real ones will know why the road sign wasn't legit. Image credit: Hong Choo Liang /

WARNING: May or may not contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen Squid Game, maybe come back in nine episodes.

Thames Valley Police in the UK took to Twitter this week to assure drivers that a rather obscure road sign wouldn’t lead them to Squid Game, whether they wanted a plastic pig full of money or not. The sign, made up of three shapes, was actually installed to make drivers aware of a diversion route while roadworks were undertaken, but it could also raise eyebrows among passing box set bingers.

The humble triangle, square, and circle got something of a rebrand recently when the popular Netflix TV show Squid Game took the world by storm. Couch potatoes gathered in their millions to watch the show, which has become Netflix’s biggest launch ever, booting Bridgerton off the top spot. Something of a change of scene for its viewership, then.


In the show, a card depicting a circle, triangle, and square is used as an invitation to the potentially deadly Squid Game. Therefore, only amateur fans could have been hoodwinked by the triangle, square, circle road sign.


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