Unidentified Man Walks On Yellowstone's Old Faithful In Dangerous Stunt

Tourists watching Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone National Park. f11photo/Shutterstock

Madison Dapcevich 17 Sep 2018, 23:22

Two videos posted to social media over the weekend show a mysterious man attempting some rather dangerous, hot-headed tricks in Yellowstone National Park (YNP).

The first video was posted to Facebook on Septemeber 14 by Ashley Lemanski, who was visiting the park with her family when she saw an unidentified man walking on Old Faithful Geyser. In it, the man is seen standing close to the center, at one point laying down and possibly reaching his hand into the hole. He then stood up before taking a few steps to the left and approaching nearer to it. People in the background are heard yelling “get off Old Faithful” and “get back on the boardwalk”.


Lemanski said some people speculate he was trying to urinate in the geyser and told a local television station that the man was followed by a park ranger as he walked back to the parking lot and was promptly arrested.

“They had him on the ground for several minutes, first laying and then sitting, in handcuffs, and then took him to the back of the SUV cop car,” she explained. “He was back there for the remainder of our time at the park, about 30 minutes. We didn’t see if they drove him off or not.”

A second video captured over the weekend shows a similarly dressed man near Beryl Spring, one of the park’s hottest thermal features located about 64 kilometers (40 miles away) from Old Faithful. The footage captured by park visitor Kelly Kosciuk shows the man trespassing off the boardwalk and sitting along the edge of the thermal spring as steam rushes around him.

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