Brothel Next To Area 51 Now Offers Online Sex Robots

Alien Cathouse specializes in sci-fi fantasies. Image: Clayton Harrison/Shutterstock

Area 51 may be impossible to penetrate, but there are no such problems at the local brothel, where visitors can now avail themselves of a range of high-tech offerings such as sex robots and online ‘teledildonics’.

Known as Alien Cathouse, the sci-fi-themed legal Nevada bordello hopes to increase its accessibility with its new gadgets, even allowing people to have remote online sex with its employees from anywhere in the world.

Talking to the Daily Star, owner Rod Thompson explained that the technological upgrade should help to improve the experience for both clients and staff, as when customers have “fetishes that courtesans might not be interested in, the robot could fulfil those.”

While the exact model of sex robot being used remains classified, Thompson did reveal that the droid “will be sterilized between each use.”

For those who can’t make it to Nevada, online teledildonics allow for a virtual reality rendezvous with Alien Cathouse’s team of sex workers. As long as clients have compatible hardware, such as interactive electronic vibrators and other digital sex toys, they can exchange pleasurable advances with staff at the brothel from their location.

While the idea of having sex with a machine may seem a little un-romantic to some, it has been suggested that this type of technology could actually help to remove many of the harms that come with prostitution, reducing sex trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, a recent report found that the use sex robots could also have negative consequences by allowing people to indulge in fantasies of rape or paedaphilia.

Area 51 is a top-secret military base that is the subject of widespread speculation, with many believing it to house aliens and UFOs. Earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of people signed up to a joke Facebook event calling for a raid on the facility, though only a trickle of people actually turned up.


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