Very Few People Can Find The Hidden Letter In This Quiz


Tom Hale

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clockMar 15 2016, 15:24 UTC
419 Just 1% Of People Can Find The Hidden Letter In This Quiz

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If you’ve ever wondered if you possess a photographic memory, now is your chance to prove it with this Playbuzz quiz.

A photographic memory – known as an eidetic memory – is a loose term used to describe the ability to recall visual information from memories with very little exposure to them. It’s often called a photographic memory as it’s compared to your brain "taking a snapshot" of the moment, which it is able to refer back to when recalling memories. 


If you do well on the test, you’ll be in good company. Many of the world’s brightest thinkers, artists, and scientists have been said to possess a keen ability to recall images, including Nikola Tesla, Sergei Rachmaninov and – of course – Mr. T.

There is debate whether a photographic memory exists beyond anecdotal evidence, however, it's thought very few people are endowed with an exceptionally high ability to recall visual information. Playbuzz reckons just 1 percent of people will be able to pass their test – see if you’re one of them below.




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