These Seven Questions Claim To Reveal How Much Common Sense You Have


Robin Andrews

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908 These Seven Questions Claim To Reveal How Much Common Sense You Have
What exactly is "common sense," anyway? PathDoc/Shutterstock

Common sense is the ability, apparently shared by almost everyone, to perceive and understand the world around us. Despite the claim to be ubiquitous, however, what actually defines “common” sense is highly controversial. A YouTube user going by the name of Thomas8April has conjured up a series of riddles that, in his opinion, aim to test just how much common sense you have. Whether or not these trick questions are actually gauging your common sense or something else entirely is somewhat debatable.

Aristotle was the first person to describe this nebulous subject, believing all animals – including humans – to be able to process external stimuli, understand memories, and perceive imaginary constructs. It has developed quite significantly from this already abstract, ancient point of origin, with notions like morality and scientific certainty embellishing the original concept.




Essentially, though, common sense can be boiled down to the idea of connecting two or more pieces of information in a way that provides a use for or concrete meaning to a person. For example, if you drop a ceramic jug from a rooftop, you shouldn’t be surprised that the jug is likely to smash into several pieces when it hits the ground, thanks to gravity.

With this in mind, this YouTube video includes seven questions that ask you to connect a few pieces of basic information in order to answer them, although in this case the answers aren’t immediately obvious. If do you find them a little tricky, perhaps you should take solace in the opinion of the great writer Voltaire, who once noted that “common sense is not so common.”


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