Can You Solve This Fruity Little Logical Riddle?


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockMay 14 2021, 18:38 UTC
Green Apple & Oranges.

Green Apple & Oranges. Image Credit: Syibli Fakih/

Welcome to the Logical Orchard located just outside Rationalville, where the fruits are absolutely delicious and logic reigns supreme. But don’t think this is a place where mistakes are not made. And actually, sometimes we could benefit from an external opinion. Are you ready to try and solve this puzzling situation we have on our hands?

So we have just picked up a lovely harvest of apples and oranges. Neither is enough to fill two crates completely so being very logical we put together a crate of apples, a crate of oranges, and a crate of apples and oranges. We nail the crate shut and we go to label them but alas we have made a mistake!


Every crate got the wrong label. And we can’t just go opening every crate for checking! It would be a waste of time and then we will have to find new lids and nail them shut all over again. But each crate has a small opening where someone can put a hand in and grab a single fruit. Due to COVID regulations, this can only be done once and only for a single crate. 

And this is where you come in! So you need to pick a crate and you will be pulling out one and only one fruit. Can you pick the right crate to fix our mistake and tell us why that was the right choice?

The correct answer after the break!


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The Solution: Since we can only grab a single fruit from a single crate, the key to solve this is by picking the box labeled “Apples & Oranges.” We know all the crates got their labeled mixed up so this cannot be the one that had both fruits in. So, we need to open this one.

If we find an apple, then that crate labeled “Apples” must contain oranges, and the crate named “Oranges” must contain the mixed fruit. On the other hand, if we find an orange in there, the crate labeled “Oranges” has the apples.