Austrian "Murder Mystery" Turns Out To Have A Hilarious Twist


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Senior Journalist


ALWAYS dispose of your lifesize sex dolls in an appropriate place. seeshooteatrepeat/Shutterstock

Firefighters in the Austrian city of Steyr responded to a worrying phone call last week after numerous locals reported seeing a deeply “suspicious” object lying under a bridge. Many of the passersby feared that the half-submerged object was perhaps the body of a drowned woman.

Fortunately, the situation was massively overblown, so to speak.


After eight firefighters and a rescue vehicle headed to the bridge, a closer inspection revealed that the “suspicious” object was actually just a blow-up sex doll. Phew.

Understandably, the Steyr firefighters were pretty relieved, so they posed for photos with their deflated damsel in distress. Let’s hope they wore some gloves. The Austrian tabloids and social media have also, understandably, been having a good time with the story.

A firefighter poses for a smartphone photo with the suspected victim. Feuerwehr Steyr

Local newspaper OÖNachrichten reports that the Steyr emergency services have never recovered a sex doll from the water before. However, if it were to happen again, they say they wouldn't change how they reacted.

"In such cases, we also move it out because otherwise we always get calls from worried people," fire department commander Gerhard Praxmarer told the newspaper.


The moral of the story: remember to get your eyes tested and always dispose of your lifesize sex dolls in an appropriate place, even if you are a bit embarrassed.

In other grand tales of hilarious mistaken identity, be sure to check out the story of a local news network reporting about a “cougar” on the loose. Spoiler: it wasn’t a sex doll.


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