9 High-Paying, Entry-Level Jobs Companies Are Hiring For Like Crazy Right Now

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If there's one question on the minds of thousands of soon-to-be college graduates right now, it's this: what's the best job I can get?

To determine which entry-level jobs hold the most promise in 2017, Monster recently teamed up with CEB Global to compile a report of all available entry-level positions currently posted online.


Monster defines "entry-level" as needing zero to two years experience, and the sample size featured 943,008 jobs that all require either a Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral degree.

The top jobs were determined based on the number of entry-level jobs currently open in each occupation, and each have a median annual salary of at least $65,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are nine high-paying jobs for recent grads with a large number of job openings, ranked based on number of openings:

9. Computer systems analysts


Computer systems analysts study, design, and work to make information systems more efficient.

Market-wide job openings: 8,190

Median annual pay: $87,220

8. Healthcare managers


Healthcare managers direct medical services at hospital and health clinics.

Market-wide job openings: 8,615

Median annual pay: $96,540

7. Physical therapist



Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in helping individuals regain mobility or relieve pain.

Market-wide job openings: 9,246

Median annual pay: $85,400


6. Marketing manager

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Marketing managers direct marketing teams and execute plans to meet company marketing goals.

Market-wide job openings: 10,113


Median annual pay: $127,560

5. Industrial engineer

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Industrial engineers work to develop integrated systems in order to improve efficiency.


Market-wide job openings: 11,018

Median annual pay: $84,310

4. Management analysts

Management analysts propose methods of improving efficiency in organizations.


Market-wide job openings: 13,413

Median annual pay: $81,330

3. Finance sales agent

Finance sales agents sell financial services to various clients.


Market-wide management job openings: 13,983

Median annual pay: $67,310

2. Software developers

Software developers program and test computer software.


Market-wide job openings: 18,365

Median annual pay: $102,280

  1. 1. Registered nurse

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  3. Registered nurses have nursing licenses and provide care to patients.

    Market-wide job openings: 61,585

    Median annual pay: $68,450

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