17 Life Hacks Every Adult Should Know

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Life hacks can make things in our daily life easier. Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock

Life as an adult can be tricky, and we'll pretty much embrace anything that makes it easier. Here are a few low-key genius hacks that will solve those everyday problems you didn't even know had solutions.

Use this plastic wrap travel hack to save your luggage from leaky bottles.


There's no horror equal to that of unzipping your suitcase and find a puddle of shampoo at the bottom. Avoid that scenario by using this clever travel hack: unscrew a bottle top, place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening, and screw the cap back on. Done.

Make your own tablet display with a few Command hooks

You don't need an expensive wall-mount system for your tablet. All you need is a handful of Command hooks, according to some Reddit users. Simply attach two of the non-destructive hooks to your wall to support the bottom of your tablet and another one above — and upside down — to keep your device from falling forwards. Slide your tablet in from the side and you're ready to go.

This Band-Aid hack will make your life so much better.


You probably know the struggle of trying to wrangle a Band-Aid around the tip of your finger. This hack, outlined by 5-Minute Craft, solves the problem by cutting the side tabs lengthwise. They can then overlap and stay more securely on your finger. Perfect for those nasty paper cuts.

Use a piece of spaghetti to light hard-to-reach candle wicks.

Use a piece of spaghetti to light hard-to-reach candle wicks. Amanda Steed/Shutterstock

When you can't quite reach the wick of a candle that has burned low, light up the end of a piece of spaghetti. You'll then be able to bring the flame to the wick with ease and without burning your hand on an upside down lighter or match.

You've been peeling Post-Its wrong your whole life


Hate the way Post-its tend to curl at the ends after you peel them from the stack? Instead of grabbing the bottom of a note and pulling it upwards, grab the note from one of the top corners (on the sticky end) and pull sideways, according to Reddit. The note will leave the stack smoothly and be perfectly flat.

Don't throw out those mini liquor bottles when they're empty.

Those tiny bottles are actually the perfect size for storing single-portion servings of salad dressing, according to Reddit. Wash a few out (well) and toss one in your lunchbox for a mess-free way to add some kick to a healthy work lunch.

Chill your wine in the glass with a few frozen grapes.


Don't want to wait for an entire bottle of wine to chill in the fridge but can't stand the thought of watering down a glass with ice cubes? Plop in a few frozen grapes and you're all set. If you don't have frozen grapes on hand, other frozen fruit like strawberries or blueberries work as well.

Use towel racks to keep your pot lids tidy

Pot lids can be organized with a towel rack. Shutterstock

If storing your pot lids on your pots isn't an option, use this towel rack hack to keep yourself from losing your mind every time you open your kitchen cupboards. Just mount one or two racks on the inside of your cupboard doors to secure the lids and keep them organized.

Keep kids happy in the shade with a DIY sandbox


Fill an old tent with sand and toss in a few shovels to keep your kids (or yourself) occupied for hours. The tent provides protection against the sun and keeps the sand contained without the need to nail together an actual wooden box. And when the fun's over, cleanup is a breeze.

Always know if your eggs are fresh with this hack

Never throw out perfectly good eggs again. Just place your eggs in a bowl of water and notice how they behave. Very fresh eggs will lie on the bottom fully on their sides. One-week-old eggs will sit at an angle on the bottom of the bowl. Stale eggs that are two to three weeks old will rest on the bottom of the bowl with their rounded ends towards the surface. Very old eggs will float.

Flat irons work on more than just hair


You can spruce up a wrinkled collar, cuff, or dress hem without an iron. Set your straightening iron on its lowest setting and use it to smooth away fabric wrinkles. You may want to test the iron on an inconspicuous area of the fabric first.

Use a bobby pin to help you save money on toothpaste.

Never waste a single squirt of your toothpaste again. When your tube is getting empty and you're struggling to extract the contents, roll up the end of the tube and secure the rolled portion with a bobby pin, according to blogger Bob Vila. You can slide a bobby pin along the length of the tube to move the toothpaste to the opening.

Take a photo of your luggage before you leave for the airport


If your stuff is lost or damaged by the airline in transit, this will make it easier for officials to identify your bag or help you prove that the damage was not there before your flight, according to Lifehacker. Be sure to take photographs of the contents as well.

If you ever find a lost wallet or drivers license, just put it in a mailbox to return it

Wallets and IDs can easily be mailed back to owners. Vera Kandybovich/Shutterstock

The postal service will return any motor vehicle license or government issued ID that has an address on it. Simply stick it in any mailbox, no envelope or postage required, according to Lifehacker. However, the person on the receiving end will have to pay the cost of postage to get it back.

This also works for wallets, though you might want to check in with the local police department first to see if anyone has reported it missing.


Keep your dog's paws safe with the five-second rule.

If it's a hot day and your pooch is begging you for a walk, place the back of your hand on the pavement, according to PopSugar. If you can't keep it there for more than five seconds, it's too hot for your dog's paws.

It's smarter to order one large pizza rather a couple mediums

If you do the math, an 18-inch pizza is actually more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas, according to this mind-blowing thread on Reddit. Spend a few more bucks on a large instead of doubling your expense on two 12-inch pies.


If you have to use a hotel iron, test it on a towel first

Some hotel irons may have brown-colored mineral deposits in them from lack of upkeep. Grab a towel and test the first few puffs of steam on that rather than your clean clothing, according to Reddit.

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