10 IFLScience-Approved Shows To Binge On While Self-Isolating


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockMay 21 2020, 16:48 UTC

Proxima Studio/Shutterstock

It’s safe to say your diary is looking pretty empty for the coming few weeks, but you're not alone. In the wake of Covid-19, over a third of the planet is currently in lockdown with billions of people across the world confined to their homes for the time being. To help pass the time, we’re sharing 10 IFLScience-approved Hulu shows, films, and documentaries for you to gorge on. After all, it’s practically your duty to stay home and binge-watch shows right now.

How It’s Made


Whoever thought the inner-workings of a lemon tart factory could be so deeply captivating? How It's Made is essentially a documentary showing how everyday items – from wooden matches to race car oil tanks – are manufactured around the world. Granted, that short blurb might not sound too interesting, but we guarantee you’ll be hooked the second you see the first factory line rolling.

The Tesla Files

Nikola Tesla is one of science’s most alluring characters. While best known for creating the modern alternating current electricity supply system, this eccentric genius has also been linked to a fair amount of controversy, both before and after his death. The Tesla Files dishes the dirt on some of this gossip using declassified CIA documents to reveal how Tesla's work became entangled with bitter political rivalries and Cold War tensions.



Another cult classic, Mythbusters uses the know-how of two special effects to methodically investigate urban legends, such as whether a flaming arrow fired into a car's gas tank will cause it to explode, or if it's possible to blow a locked safe open with explosives. It’s a good choice if you like dispelling pseudoscientific nonsense with explosives. 

What On Earth? 


Some mysteries are too big to understand from down here on terrestrial Earth. What On Earth? uses thousands of satellite images to help reveal the mysteries behind some of Earth’s geological occurrences and gigantic structures.

Puppies vs. The World

If you are one of the many unfortunate souls spending lockdown without a furry friend, this is perhaps the next best thing. Expect plenty of professional footage of puppies, along with user-generated clips of dogs acting ridiculously. 


Ancient Top 10

The world might seem pretty crazy at the moment, but as history shows, it’s rarely been plain sailing. Ancient Top 10 brings you some of the biggest catastrophes, despicable dictators, and freak occurrences of the ancient world. It isn’t just doom and gloom though, there’s also a lot of interesting insights into some of ancient history's greatest cities and mysterious monuments. 



Have you ever wondered what researchers and engineers get up to at NASA? Well, now’s your chance. One of NASA's most successful programs to date, it gives an unprecedented glimpse into the cutting edge science, technology, and engineering behind the world’s most famous space agency. 

Man Vs Wild

If you’ve ever looked at the wilderness and thought “I wouldn’t last a second out there,” now is the perfect chance to brush up on your survival skills. In Man Vs Wild, Bear Grylls – Britain’s politest tough guy – uses his experience with the British Special forces to show you how to survive in the world’s harshest environment with minimal equipment. Think: lots of death-defying jumps, incredible landscapes to gaze at, and “creative” ways to obtain liquids in desperate circumstances. 


Nazi Megastructures

The unimaginable horrors of Nazi Germany is a subject that the collective imagination just can’t seem to shake. Although this period of history is widely talked about, few are aware of Hitler’s plans to create some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and infrastructure ever dreamt of, which is exactly what Nazi Megastructures explores.

How The Earth Works


Remember trees? Glaciers? Those big smoky mountain things we called “volcanoes?” If you’re missing the outside world, check out How the Earth Works, which showcases some of nature's most incredible spectacles, revealing past catastrophic events and investigating geological dangers of the future.