Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Science Fans

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91 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Science Fans
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The holiday shopping season is about to begin, and it seems like there are always a few people on the gift list who are hard to shop for. If your friends and family members have discerning taste, here are some inexpensive stocking stuffers that are sure to put a smile on their faces:

Pocket Microscope


Ever been out on a hike or working in the field and really wish there was a handy way to examine specimens? This lightweight pocket microscope makes it easy to check out tiny details by magnifying things 60-100x. You can buy it here.

Glow In The Dark Nuclear Elements Soap

Radioactive material is usually handled with great caution, you know, to avoid horrifically-aggressive cancers and whatnot. You don't have to fear handling these soaps, even though they glow in the dark, to recreate the appearance of nuclear waste. These are the perfect addition to any bathroom, sure to make a memorable impression on any guest! Get them here.

Caffeine Molecule Mug


For the person in your life whose coffee dependence has grown so intense that it could nearly be classified as a medical need, this 16-ounce travel mug could be the perfect fit. The side is even emblazoned with a caffeine molecule, to make it very clear that decaf just won’t do. Available here.

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Unless you have insane skills with royal icing, flat cookies can be kind of boring. These cutter sets create puzzle pieces to make three-dimensional dinosaur cookies. These prehistoric desserts make a major impression. (PRO TIP: After the cookie dough has been cut out, pop them into the freezer for awhile before baking to help the cookies hold their shape and fit together well). Get them here.

Astronaut Ice Cream


If there's something culinary enthusiasts can agree on, it is the universal appeal of shelf-stable, freeze-dried "astronaut" ice cream. Okay, maybe it's an acquired taste. Despite the fact that this not-so-frozen dessert only flew on the Apollo 7 mission, it has become synonymous with space food in pop culture. Get it here.

Shark Slippers

Who said kids were the only ones who get to wear awesome footwear? Celebrate Shark Week every night with these plush and cuddly slippers. They're sized for adult feet and look just like everyone's favorite cartilaginous fish. Get them here.

BeEr Pint Glass


According to the esteemed philosopher Homer Simpson, alcohol is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. While we can't attest to the first part of that statement, chemistry does back up the fact that it is a solution... in the literal sense that it is a homogenous mixture of only one state. Does it actually work to fix problems? There's only one way to find out! Get it here.

Pi Tie

Celebrate everyone's favorite irrational number with this woven red silk tie. The tie accurately lists the first few hundred digits of pi, and is sure to make an amazing impression. Available here.

Laboratory Shot Glasses


Ready to get the party started? Whether you're celebrating the New Year's Eve, Tuesday morning, or finally getting statistically significant results, this set of 4 shot glasses are shaped like flasks and beakers and are a great way to serve your drinks while you let your hair down. Get your own here.

Atom Keychain

A set of keys is always right up there with wallet and cell phone in "must have" items when leaving the house. If something is going to be toted around fairly consistently, it should look as stylish as possible. This silver atom keychain jazzes up an ordinary set of keys while it celebrates the basic building block of all matter in the Universe. Get it here.

Jurassic T-rex Mug


Okay, this one is called the "Jurassic T-rex Mug" which is a bit problematic because T. rex obviously lived in the Cretaceous, but we'll give it a pass just this once. Check out that face and those tiny adorable limbs! Get yours here.


This bottle contains ferromagnetic fluid and a clear suspension liquid. While it looks kind of unassuming at first, bringing a magnet anywhere near the ferrofluid will cause it to jump and dance inside the bottle. Get yours here.

Giant Plush Microbe


We can probably all agree that giving someone Ebola or Herpes generally isn't a great gift. However, Giant Plush Microbes are adorable representations of some of the worst germs on the planet, magnified by about 10,000 times. Feel free to go ahead and give your children the Black Plague, while your grandmother cuddles up with Polio. Get your own microbe here.

SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder


Tired of inertia causing drinks to spill? This mug holder allows hot beverages to be safely transported, without making a mess. With some practice, it is even possible to swing a mug of coffee in circles and not spill a drop! Get yours here.


Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster

Protect surfaces from pesky water rings with these great coasters that depict radioactive elements! Just like nuclear waste, these coasters glow! This also solves the age-old "where the heck did I put my drink" debacle that plagues so many. Available here.


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