Saying You're A Foodie In Your Dating Bio Could Make You More Attractive


Dami Olonisakin

Editorial Assistant


Dating profiles can be fun to create, especially when you get your friends to help you sound more appealing. Your favorite film might be Titanic, but he doesn't need to know that, so instead you put The Godfather or Pulp Fiction.

It’s no surprise that many people tell lies on their dating profiles in order to seem more attractive, but according to Zoosk researchers, a good way to get more incoming messages is the topic of food. Odd right? Yeah, we thought so too.


Zoosk took a look at 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages between singletons and found that many of the interest-sparking buzzwords in their bio descriptions were food-related. The researchers also surveyed 7,000 single people to build a better picture of how food and dating interact. 

Their results showed that food is a great conversation starter. Mentioning food certainly made people more appealing, but this depended on the type of food. Referring to food such as guacamole, potatoes, and that universal favorite, chocolate, saw the most positive results. They led to a 144 percent, 101 percent, and 100 percent rise in inbound messages, respectively. But some foods weren't quite so successful. Apparently, fried chicken and yams don't get the greatest response, leading to a 15 percent and 70 percent drop in messages, respectively.

While you might not be Jamie Oliver, the survey also found that if you simply mention the word “cook” in your dating profile, you could see your inbound messages rise by 26 percent. Meanwhile, using the word "foodie" can increase your incoming messages by 82 percent.

Now, it’s great that we've found a way to get the ball rolling, but what about message exchange? Well, according to the poll, actually discussing the topic of food doesn't lead to that many more replies.


However, some foods receive better response rates than others. A Zoosk researcher told The Independent that some foods do make effective conversation starters. "There are some exceptions, the most surprising of which is eggplant, which gets 10 percent more responses than the average," they said.

So, now you know exactly what to do to get those messages rolling in.


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