This is not Yellow


Danielle Andrew

Editorial Intern

922 This is not Yellow

A "yellow" lemon. Blan-k/Shutterstock

We all see the world from our own perspective. Because of physical or mental factors, the way you see something may not be the way another person views it.

In this case, however, it isn't a sense of perception at all. You're literally not seeing the color your brain tells you are.


Take the lemon. It's yellow, right?

Actually, there's not a single yellow pixel on your whole screen. Computers manipulate your brain by showing you the same amount of red and green light wavelengths your brain receives when viewing yellow, so... it just assumes you're seeing yellow. Crazy right?

This video from Vsauce goes on to explain how apples can create light, and other quirky light-based/deceptive installations.