This Is The Most Popular Porn Search Term In Every State In The USA


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Whether we want it or not, Pornhub love to share their data with the world. So far, they've told us that people love Star Wars porn, football porn, royal wedding porn, and, err, bigfoot porn.

Back in January, they released their Year in Review for 2017, but if that data didn't quite satisfy you, don't panic: they've just expanded it, all thanks to a request from Mashable. Phew. 


In fact, the site has put together some handy color-coded maps to show you exactly what Americans were watching on a state-by-state basis, which you can check out below.

When it came to most popular search terms, it seems the states were pretty united, with the vast majority searching “lesbian”. However, a handful of states – Montana, North and South Dakota, Iowa, and New Hampshire – instead went for “MILF”, meaning mums I'd like to, um, fondle. Three remaining states mixed things up even further, with Maryland searching “ebony”, Hawaii searching “Asian”, and Alaska favoring “hentai” – anime and manga-style porn – the most.


And in case you were wondering which search terms grew most in popularity during 2017, Pornhub’s got that covered too. It seems many Americans need a little encouragement, with various states in the south and east of the country searching for “cheerleader” more than anything else. Over in the north-west, in states like Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, hentai seems to be getting more popular.

In Montana, however, “3 girls 1 guy” has seen the biggest surge in popularity, while in Vermont and New Hampshire, searches for “giantess” saw the biggest, um, rise.


West Virginians have been searching for “smoking” more than they used to, while Alaskans have been looking up “sfm”, which stands for Source Filmmaker, a 3D modeling tool that generates hentai porn videos.

But how did each state do relative to one another? Essentially, what was each state searching for more often compared to everywhere else? Well, this is where we see a bit more variety.

The west coast stuck with hentai, with Oklahoma and Florida joining the club. MILFs made an appearance in South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kansas, while Wyoming searched a lot for “furry”. Lesbians, giantesses, and cheerleaders popped up in a few states, while Alaska and North Dakota appear to be avid fans of the “do not cum challenge”, which is exactly what it sounds like. How does your state fare?

Finally, Pornhub shared the amount of time each state spends on the site. The average time was 10 minutes and 33 seconds. The people of Oregon, Idaho, and Kansas clearly don’t have much time on their hands, pulling out first at 9 minutes and 5 seconds. The people of Mississipi, however, are a little more relaxed, spending an average of 11 minutes and 33 seconds enjoying themselves.



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