An Optical Illusion Thought To Be God's Hands In The Sky


Dami Olonisakin

Editorial Assistant

Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it God's hands? Well it's none of them, but your eyes may have played a trick on you. 

On a gloomy night in Mackay, Australia, a man decided to upload a video of a storm. As grey clouds hovered over the area, those who viewed the video on Reddit felt as though they had seen God with a camera in his hands – well, sort of.


Batbloke, a Reddit user, jokingly asked “Is that God with a big camera?”

Another user thought it looked less like God, but more like a dog. Interesting.

Now, of course it wasn’t God or a dog, but instead a reflection of the man's hands on the windshield of the car. At first, the optical illusion resembles mighty hands in the sky, but as you watch the video it becomes apparent that it's simply someone holding a camera.

Optical illusions trick the brain into seeing something else, based on the way the brain receives and processes information. As soon as the brain takes in a scene, it interprets it in a certain way. Often, this is the brain sorting and filtering information in a quick and efficient manner. Usually this works, but sometimes there is a mismatch between our perception and the actual scene, which optical illusions take advantage of. 


Another reddit user commented by saying: “North Queensland storms are something else.” It’s something else alright, something so huge you nearly thought you saw the big guy upstairs.


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