Astronaut Tim Peake Tweets Amazing Photo Of London From Space

London by night as snapped by Tim Peake. ESA/NASA

British astronaut Tim Peake was able to snap a spectacular picture of London last Saturday, which he shared on Twitter. The photograph was taken at midnight, and thanks to favorable weather, it shows the U.K.'s capital in all its illuminated glory.  

In his tweet, Major Peake joked that he’d rather be on the International Space Station (ISS) than down on Earth, calling the choice between the ISS and London a tough call.

Tim Peake is employed by ESA, the European Space Agency, and he’s the first U.K.-sponsored astronaut on the ISS. His mission started in December and will last six months, during which the astronaut will carry out several scientific experiments as well as running the London Marathon on the station's treadmill.

Tim Peake was also the first British astronaut to carry out a spacewalk earlier this month, with his American colleague Tim Kopra. 




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