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There Were Some Completely Absurd Reactions To The Google Doodle Celebrating The Discovery Of Lucy

Photo credit: Google

Most days, Google puts up a fun and informative illustration on its homepage celebrating a notable event, covering pretty much everything from Egyptian singer Asmahan’s 103rd birthday to Thanksgiving.

On the November 24, they celebrated the 41st anniversary of “Lucy’s” discovery, a hugely important milestone in our understanding of human evolution.

Plants and Animals

The Horrifying Story Of A Sex Slave Orangutan

Photo credit: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

The story of Pony has been floating around the Internet for some time. Although it seems wrapped up in urban legend or has perhaps been treated with skepticism through sheer disbelief, numerous sources have told the deeply dark and distressing story of Pony.

She was used as a sex slave in the village of Kareng Pangi, Central Kalimantan in the depths of Indonesian Borneo. Men visiting the brothel would have a choice to pay for sex with a woman or Pony.


Study Predicts New Type Of Exotic Particle

Photo credit: agsandrew/Shutterstock

Researchers think they’ve stumbled upon a new kind of particle. Known as Type-II Weyl fermions, the material they are thought to hide in responds dynamically to nearby magnetic fields, causing it to switch between an electrical conductor and an insulator depending on which direction the induced current is traveling in. This adaptability suggests that the particles could be used to create highly efficient transistor components in electronics worldwide.


The Art And Beauty Of General Relativity

Photo credit: General relativity isn’t only a powerfully descriptive theory, but there’s a beauty in its elegance.

One hundred years ago this month, an obscure German physicist named Albert Einstein presented to the Prussian Academy of Science his General Theory of Relativity. Nothing prior had prepared scientists for such a radical re-envisioning of the foundations of reality.

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