Astronomers Have Mapped Our Adolescent Universe in 3D

Photo credit: As light from distant background galaxies (yellow arrows) travel through the Universe towards Earth, hydrogen gas in the foreground leaves a characteristic imprint ("absorption signature") / Khee-Gan Lee (MPIA) and Casey Stark (UC Berkeley)

Using a technique similar to medical imaging, astronomers have constructed one of the most complete 3D maps of what the young universe looked like just three billion years after the Big Bang. 

Plants and Animals

Ferns "Talk" Via Pheromones To Decide Sex

Photo credit: mobile_gnome, via Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When it comes to reproduction, at first glance it’s easy to believe that plants have it easy when compared with animals. After all, they don’t have to engage in elaborate displays or fights to win over females since most flowering plants are both male and female. However, for the Japanese climbing fern, things aren’t so simple.

Health and Medicine

“Dead Hearts” Successfully Transplanted For The First Time

Photo credit: Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Hearts that had been dead for over 20 minutes have successfully been transplanted into two Australian patients, thanks to a new method of preservation. The ability to save hearts that have stopped beating will drastically widen the amount of organs available, possibly suiting the needs of 30% of those on the transplant wait list. The research was a joint effort between Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital, with Professor Bob Graham leading the team.

The Brain

Researchers Discover Brain Cell Changes That Contribute To Alzheimer's Development In Down's Syndrome Individuals

Photo credit: Juan Gartner.

Scientists from Sanford-Burnham have pieced together a complex neuronal pathway that leads to brain cell abnormalities in individuals with both Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. The findings are important because they could one day assist in the development of treatments to help slow the loss of brain cells in patients with conditions such as these.

Editor's Blog

How Myths And Tabloids Feed On Anomalies In Science

Photo credit: The need for caution when any anomaly is revealed in new research. Flickr/Adam Gerard, CC BY-NC-SA

UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH: What do we actually mean by research and how does it help inform our understanding of things? What if research throws up a result that calls for a new way of thinking? How do we handle that?

There are many misconceptions about science, including how science advances. One half-truth is that unexpected research findings produce crises, leading to new theories that overturn previous scientific knowledge.

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