Scientists Create Transparent Solar Concentrator

Photo credit: Yimu Zhao

One of the biggest complaints about solar energy is that the setups aren’t very attractive. A team of material engineers at Michigan State University have developed solar concentrators that are completely transparent, which means they can be used on windows without disturbing the view or even on smartphone screens. The research was led by Richard Lunt and the paper was featured on the cover of the journal Advanced Optical Materials.


NO, Mars Will NOT Appear As Large As The Full Moon In The Night Sky

Photo credit: via

Certain wonderful events come just once a year, like birthdays, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and back-to-school sales for office supplies. Sadly, a new annual tradition has emerged: claiming that Mars will appear to be the same size as the full moon at the end of August. 

Chances are, you’ve seen something like this floating around:


Plants and Animals

Wolves Cooperate With Each Other, Dogs Form Hierarchies

Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

Dogs are thought to be domesticated wolves, with the first dog owners, living tens of thousands of years ago, favoring their helpful, cooperative nature. Now, a duo of comparative psychologists studying interactions of lab-raised dogs and wolf packs reveal something rather unexpected: Wolves cooperate, dogs submit, Science reports

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