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Domestic Pigs Continued To Mate With Wild Boars

Photo credit: Eduard Kyslynskyy/shutterstock

Pigs were domesticated from wild boars about 9,000 years ago. Researchers have long assumed that this process involved permanently isolating a few animals from the wild. But according to new findings published in Nature Genetics this week, pig domestication doesn’t follow this traditional model: Pigs continued to mate with wild boars even after they became domesticated.

Plants and Animals

How The Ankylosaur Got Its Tail

Photo credit: Ziapelta, an ankylosaur with a fully developed tail club. Sydney Mohr

Ankylosaurs were heavily armored herbivorous dinosaurs with bony plates all along their wide backs. They were the tanks of their time, and some even carried a giant club at the end of their tail. Researchers studying the tail clubs of these later “weaponized” forms found that the stiff handle evolved first, and the knob followed. The findings were published in the Journal of Anatomy


Building Blocks Of Life Found Under The Seafloor

Photo credit: Mummified microbial life was found in rocks from the seafloor. Jack Cook/WHOI/Ron Blakey/Colorado Plateau Geosystems.

Researchers have found the building blocks of life deep below the seafloor, adding evidence to the theory that life is able to spring up wherever there is water, and of course the right chemistry. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could have implications for the chances of life existing on other worlds, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa.


How Claw Machines Are Rigged

Photo credit: Claw machine. Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock.

It's official: Claw machines are rigged. But we all pretty much assumed that anyway, right? Like a lot of fairground and arcade games, the odds are ever in the house's favor. They're not games of skill, but simply pot luck.

But... that doesn't stop us from trying anyway.

Take a look at this video by VOX and YouTube user Matt3756 explaining how the claw machine makers rig the machines to make a solid profit off your frustration and stubbornness.


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