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Dozens Of Scientific Papers Withdrawn After Peer-Review Fraud Uncovered

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Scientific Publisher BioMed Central has withdrawn 43 papers, and is investigating many more, over what it calls the “fabrication” of peer reviews. Representatives of Journal editors have admitted the papers are the tip of a dangerous iceberg, and the scandal may to lead to an overhaul of how peer review is conducted.


What Are These Bizarre Formations At Meteorite Fall Sites?

Photo credit: Snow carrots. Left, in situ. Right, the lowest part is shown upside down with sunglasses for scale / C. Lorenz

Instead of craters, when meteorites land on snow, they make snow carrots. 

Early one February morning in 2013, a bright meteor and several flashes were seen near the Ural Mountains in western Russia. The 20-meter-diameter (65 ft) meteoroid broke apart in the atmosphere, releasing most of its energy about 20 to 40 kilometers (12 to 25 miles) up. A few days later, geologists collected 450 small fragments averaging 3 to 6 centimeters wide from an area 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Chelyabinsk. They added up to 4 kilograms (9 lbs) of meteorites. 

Health and Medicine

4,200-Year-Old Egyptian Skeleton Shows Signs of Breast Cancer

Photo credit: Destructive lesion in vertebral body of the 7th thoracic vertebrae of the man from 1200 BC. Rectangle indicates area of new bone infill of the spongiosa. Arrows indicate new bone formation / 2014 Binder et al., PLOS ONE

Researchers working in Egypt have uncovered the world’s oldest evidence for breast cancer so far. The 4,200-year-old skeleton belonged to an adult woman who lived at the end of the 6th Pharaonic Dynasty. 

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