There Will Be A Huge Scientific Announcement Made Today - Here's How To Watch It Live

Photo credit: Have we finally found one of the most elusive phenomena in astronomy? NASA

At 10.30 a.m. EST (3.30 p.m. GMT) today, press conferences are being held around the world to announce the latest findings regarding gravitational waves from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

First theorized by Einstein 100 years ago, gravitational waves are predicted ripples in space-time caused by massive events or objects in the universe. But no detection has ever been made, as the ripples are incredibly tiny and almost impossible to detect.

Plants and Animals

If Meat Could Talk, Would You Still Eat It?

Photo credit: shutterstock

Futurologist Ian Pearson recently predicted that by 2050 it will be possible to implant devices into our pets and other animals to give them the ability to speak to us.

This raises the interesting question of whether such a device would provide animals raised and slaughtered for food with a voice, and whether this voice would make us think twice about eating them.

The Brain

Are Male And Female Brains Really Different?

Photo credit: T. L. Furrer/

Along with just about every other aspect of real or imagined differences between the sexes, the idea that your biological sex will determine the sex of your brain – and so your behaviour, aptitudes and personality – has a long and controversial history. The idea that a man’s brain is “male” and a woman’s brain “female” is rarely challenged.


Our Thirst For New Gadgets Has Created A Vast Empire Of Electronic Waste

Photo credit: gopixa/Shutterstock

Technological improvements mean that the phones, tablets, computers and other electric devices we find so essential are cheaper and more powerful than ever. But this means we upgrade them sooner and they quickly become unwanted or obsolete, and are thrown away. The huge amounts of waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE, or e-waste – that results is quickly becoming a major worldwide environmental, economic and health problem.

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