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Oldest Human Genome Sequenced Reveals Neanderthal Mixing

Photo credit: The Ust'-Ishim femur / Bence Viola, MPI EVA

Using remarkably well-preserved DNA extracted from a fossil thighbone, researchers have sequenced the genome of a 45,000-year-old anatomically modern human -- the oldest complete Homo sapiens genome on record. The work, published in Nature this week, revealed fragments of Neanderthal DNA and helps pinpoint when they interbred with our direct ancestors. 

Plants and Animals

A Game of Hives: Two Australian Bee Species Battle For Months Over Territory

Photo credit: QUT

An international team of ecologists have discovered evidence of a massive Game of Thrones-style war between two species of stingless bees in Brisbane, Australia. These bees battled to the death for months on end, all over possession of a honey-filled hive, in a massacre that would make George R. R. Martin proud. Paul Cunningham of Queensland University of Technology is lead author of the paper published in the journal The American Naturalist.

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