Adidas Create a Shoe Made Almost Entirely From Ocean Garbage

Photo credit: Adidas.

People often walk on trash, but how about walking in trash?

Athletic outfitters Adidas announced on Monday that it had created an initial prototype for an ecologically-beneficial shoe. Made almost completely from recycled garbage reclaimed from the ocean, the shoe consists of illegal deep-sea gillnets, ocean waste and sustainable cushioning material.

Health and Medicine

Fully Implantable Artificial Pancreas Delivers Insulin as Needed

Photo credit: The tablet interface for the adult artificial pancreas, in a pouch worn by the patient. UC Santa Barbara.

With type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks cells in the pancreas that produce the glucose-lowering hormone insulin. Without insulin to convert sugar into energy for cells, glucose levels build up in the bloodstream. For diabetes patients, this means constantly tracking blood sugar levels and taking daily doses of insulin. Researchers have been working on a fully implantable artificial pancreas that continuously measures a patient’s glucose level and delivers appropriate amounts of insulin as needed.

Health and Medicine

First North American Measles Death Since 2003

Photo credit: A cell with measles pneumonia. CDC/Dr. Edwin P. Ewing, Jr.

For the first time in twelve years the United States has experienced a death from measles. You know, that disease that had pretty much been wiped out before the anti-vaccination movement brought it back. The tragic news comes less than a week after the first death from diphtheria in Spain in 28 years, also a direct result of the lies spread by anti-vaccinators.

Plants and Animals

What Happens When you put a Mouse in Mountain Dew for 30 Days?

Photo credit: You want to do WHAT?! CreativeNature R.Zwerver/Shutterstock

If you are eating, or if you're within an hour or two of eating, stop right now. Stop. Leave the tab open, and come back later to watch a tiny mammal dissolved into a mushy goo.

Okay, well, I warned you.

The back story is this: Ronald Ball innocently popped open a can of Mountain Dew, ready for some sugary refreshment, when he noticed something sloshing around in the can. On closer inspection, Ball claims to have found the carcass of a mouse in the liquid. Gross.

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