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How Loneliness Can Be Deadly

Photo credit: Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

We’ve all felt isolated at times, but the so-called “invisible epidemic” that is loneliness is about much more than ephemeral feelings of sadness. Doctors have known for some time that loneliness is associated with not only chronic illness but death, too. Now, scientists are beginning to unravel why this is, with the discovery that social isolation puts our body in “fight or flight” mode, preparing for social threat. This triggers a cascade of events that ultimately alter the production of white blood cells, leaving us vulnerable to disease.


David Tennant Explains The Theory Of General Relativity In This Awesome Animation

Photo credit: Windfall Films

It’s been 100 years since Einstein proposed one of the most powerful scientific ideas of all time - the theory of general relativity. Over the century, his ideas have been continually expanded, critiqued and developed, in an attempt to explain the fundamental truths of the universe and what the hell it's all about.

But unless you’re a super-sharp physicist, his ideas probably leave your mind melted into a pale grey mush.   


20-Year Study Finds That Corporate Funding Has Affected The Public's Perception Of Climate Change

Photo credit: There is often a stark divide when it comes to climate change. a katz/Shutterstock

Climate change has long been a polarizing subject, with a gulf between those who “believe” in it and those who are “deniers” widening and becoming more intense in recent years. Some argue that this is because the science isn’t proven, or that there are doubts in the data, but a new study claims to have found the real reason that this rift exists: corporate funding.


First Macroscopic Quantum Entanglement At Room Temperature Achieved

Photo credit: Paul Klimov, a graduate student at the Institute for Molecular Engineering, adjusts the intensity of a laser beam during an experiment. University of Chicago

November has been a great month for quantum entanglement fans. Not only was entanglement proven to be a fact of nature, but the first quantum computer code was written on an entangled system as well. Now, scientists from the University of Chicago were able to obtain a quantum entanglement state at room temperature in a macroscopic (relatively large) object.

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