Squeaky Baby Sloths Are Completely Adorable


Adult sloths don’t vocalize a whole lot unless they are threatened or in distress, but baby sloths are a different story. When these infants are separated from their mothers, they cry out in squeaky bleats hoping that she’ll return quickly.

Slothville was founded by Lucy Cooke from National Geographic. In addition to bringing awareness and raising money for the conservation of these slow arboreal mammals, she is also affiliated with a sloth sanctuary located in Costa Rica that, among other things, cares for orphaned baby sloths. Cooke creates videos about the animals at this center to help promote their efforts.

Though the reason these youngsters are crying is incredibly sad, they can be calmed down when reunited with their favorite stuffed animal. 

WARNING: The video you are about to see is so cute, your head may explode into candy.


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