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Lion Impaled On Buffalo's Horn During 90-Minute Battle

January 26, 2016 | by Tom Hale

Photo credit: A lion pounces on the back of a buffalo, while its pal becomes hooked on the buffalo's left horn. Roan Ravenhill/Caters News

Warning: Graphic image below

These incredible images show the moment when a lion became impaled on a cape bull buffalo's horn. Damn, nature. 

Roan Ravenhill, a 28-year-old ranger at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, managed to capture this intense brawl from just 20 meters (65 feet) away.

The buffalo was grazing at the private game reserve when it was attacked by a pride of five lions.

In the thick of the buffalo's thrashing, one of the lions became impaled on the animal's left horn for 20 minutes. The horn became deeply embedded underneath the lion’s left front leg.

After an hour and a half of bites and writhes, the buffalo was eventually grounded.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Ravenhill said the skewered lion was seen days later, still limping from its injury.

He added: “By a long way, it was the longest battle we have ever seen between lions and a buffalo – it was hard to watch, but that is the reality of nature.”

The lion impaled on the buffalo's horn, where it remained for 20 minutes. Image credit: Roan Ravenhill/Caters News.

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