Huge Graveyard Of Dinosaur And Woolly Mammoth Bones Found In Russia

TSU/The Siberian Times

One of the biggest hauls of bones from woolly mammoths and dinosaurs has been found by Russian scientists, The Siberian Times reports.

The site is located at Bolshoy Ilek near the Chulym River in central Russia. The bones were found by accident by an expedition this summer led by Dr Sergey Leschinsky from Tomsk State University.

“They did not expect to find the bones," a university statement said. “During the study, scientists managed to find remains of large herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs.”

Above the dinosaur bones, the researchers also discovered bones of mammoths, woolly rhinos, and predators. It doesn’t appear that any of the bones have been identified, yet.

It seems that the remains of the woolly mammoths are broken, suggesting they may have been attacked by prehistoric humans. Woolly mammoths mostly went extinct about 10,000 years ago.

The dinosaur bones, meanwhile, are thought to date back 120 to 100 million years ago, long before the woolly mammoths.

Comparisons have been drawn with another “necropolis,” Shostakovsky yar in the Kemerovo region, central Russia. Scientists will now continue to explore Bolshoy Ilek, and look for signs that humans were responsible for the deaths of the woolly mammoths.


The location of the site

TSU/The Siberian Times
TSU/The Siberian Times
TSU/The Siberian Times
TSU/The Siberian Times
TSU/The Siberian Times



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