20,000 Volts Of Electrical Energy Plus A Watermelon Creates A Wonderful Bang

ZZZZZZZZZAP. TheBackyardScientist/YouTube

Up there with one of the many burning scientific questions of our time is what happens when you pump 20,000 volts of energy into a watermelon? YouTube’s TheBackyardScientist is back to find out.

With the help of his electrical engineering buddies and some highly protective sunglasses, he sets up a capacitor that holds 20,000 volts and lets it do its thing to a watermelon.

Water in its purest form doesn’t actually conduct. It’s the ions in a water solution that make it able to conduct electricity. However, the 92-percent water content of a watermelon is full of these ions, so the electrical jolt is able to make a tropic fruit smoothie out of it.



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