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This Is What Happens If You Wear Magnetic Items In An MRI Machine

October 6, 2014 | by Kristy Hamilton

Photo credit: Screen capture from practiCalfMRI video.

Prior to patients entering a medical scanning room, they must be thoroughly screened for magnetic objects—including metallic earrings, belts, and early-model pacemakers.This is because MRI magnetic fields are incredibly strong. 

However, accidents do happen. Through the years, reports of a brain aneurysm clip being dislodged, an oxygen tank hitting a patient in the head, and metallic fragments slicing patients have surfaced. Therefore, when a group of scientists heard about an MRI machine that was about to be decommissioned, they decided to create an educational video about the dangers of magnetic items near MRI machines. Check out the video from practiCalfMRI below.

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