100 Most Common Myths Dispelled In One Awesome Infographic

The infographic via GeekWrapped.

Misconceptions have always spread easily through the world and the Internet has only helped to make them spread even more quickly. Luckily teams, like the great people at GeekWrapped, have been fighting the good fight against these myths.

GeekWrapped has released a cute and an extremely accurate infographic of the 100 common myths and misconceptions debunked. From the human body to food, to science, to history, the infographic masterfully delivers short explanations on each of the 100 myths collected.  

"For each debunked myth we made sure that there were at least three independent and trustworthy sources, including peer-reviewed research and sources from very reputable publishers."

They don’t kid around when they talk about their sources and notes. At the bottom of the infographic, there’s an extensive list (longer than the actual infographics) of what they used to understand and challenge everyday myth.

Among the more notorious myths, there’s Einstein failing math in school (he didn’t), bats being blind (they are not) and the myth that won’t die that we only use 10 percent of our brain. The infographic is good to peruse or study thoroughly. It might even come in handy during those family meals when somebody repeats any of these as facts.

You might have heard of many of these before or these might be brand new for you (and you’re one of today’s lucky 10,000), either way, this is a precious resource to keep in your book marks.

Check out a couple of examples below and you can see the whole infographic here

(c) GeekWrapped
(c) GeekWrapped



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