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Worried About Arsenic In Your Baby’s Rice Cereal? There Are Other Foods That Can Provide Essential Iron

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Last month, the FDA proposed setting a limit of 100 parts per billion for inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereal. This proposal came after FDA analysis of research linking inorganic arsenic exposure to lung and bladder cancer, adverse pregnancy outcomes and decreased performance on children’s developmental tests.

End Of The Road For Lariam? The Malaria Drug Soldiers Claim Increases Psychosis

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The British army has long used Lariam tablets as the anti-malarial drug of choice for soldiers deployed in certain areas where they may be at risk from mosquitoes. But a committee of MPs concluded that it should only be a “drug of last resort” after an investigation into reports of severe side effects including psychosis, depression and anxiety.

Ultimate Superbug Reaches USA

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The moment public health experts have been warning about for years has reached the United States, with the reporting of a urinary tract infection resistant to all known antibiotics. The gift given to humanity by the collaboration between a fungus and groundbreaking scientists is well on the way to being squandered.

England To Offer Gay Men HPV Vaccine For First Time

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Gay men in England will now be offered a vaccine that reduces the risk of certain cancers, in a pilot scheme to start in June. Already offered to school-age girls since 2008, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been deemed to be a resounding success in cutting the infection rates of HPV, which can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.

All Psychoactive Substances Are Now Illegal In The UK

Legal highs
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The British government has just ushered in a new age of prohibition, by introducing a blanket ban on all so-called psychoactive drugs. The new bill, which was first proposed last year, comes into force today following a series of delays caused by a lack of understanding over which substances are actually covered by the controversial legislation.

Bone Defense Stops Spread of Breast Cancer

Photo credit: When mammograms reveal breast cancer, drugs that prevent its spread through the bone could prove life-saving. Guschenkova/Shutterstock

Two drugs have been found to protect bones against cancerous cells originating from breast tumors, potentially providing lines of defense against the spread of the disease.

Hormone positive breast cancers are notorious for their capacity to return when they appear to have been eliminated from the body. The lethal cells are suspected of using a bone to recover their former strength, in this case hiding in the marrow while chemotherapy cleanses the body of all the cancer cells it can find.