You Can Test Your Pup's DNA For Genetic Markers With A $95 Orivet DNA Kit

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Genetic testing is incredibly popular in the U.S., where many Americans ponder the roots of their ancestry. With a simple cheek swab, you can learn where your ancestors lived thousands of years ago, as well as which genetic conditions you may be predisposed to later in life. 


Dogs are no different, and if you've wanted to learn the ancestry and health predispositions of your furry best friend, now you can with the Orivet Dog DNA Test. With Orivet, you can get to truly know your best friend with metrics like breed identification, weight prediction, health and risk analysis, as well as receive a life plan to manage their health, all for 12 percent off its usual price for just $94.99

Orivet's proprietary technology will reveal which dog breeds comprise your beloved pup with a report that reveals the exact breed percentages in their DNA. In addition to learning your dog's breeds, Orivet offers a LifePlan that allows you to manage your dog's health throughout its entire life. For example, if your dog is predisposed to a health condition like hip dysplasia in later years, LifePlan will let you know which health risks to potentially expect in later years. 

Packed in this kit is a personalized wellness plan based on your dog's breed, age, weight, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle. The results from your Orivet LifePlan come with a schedule to share with your veterinarian so that you and your vet can customize a wellness plan for your dog's future health. 

Orivet also includes insight into your dog's personality and behavior, letting you know things like how your dog may be prone to nip at your heels because it has sheepherding ancestry. With Orivet, you'll know your dog's past and future to give your pet the best life possible. 


Working together with National Geographic, Orivet is here to shine a light on our dog's history in order to give them a brighter, healthier future. Take care of your pup like never before with Orivet, available now for 12% off at just $94.99.

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