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You think that you will remember when it’s time to attend your next meeting, but don’t kid yourself. As the hours go by and you become ensconced in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, there is a possibility that you will be reprimanding yourself with a few choice words when the boss calls wondering why you’re not there. It’s time to get your calendar (and, as a result, your life) in order, and this Superpowered Daily Schedule App is going to help.

We’re not going to lie. No one is a fan of meetings. In fact, the biggest naysayer to meetings is Elon Musk, who is quoted as saying, “Excessive meetings are the blight of big companies and almost always get worse over time.” Having said that, there are times when they are going to be necessary and, as such, it is ever more important that you not only show up on time, but that you are organized and prepared in order that the meeting is as efficient and effective as possible.


As a result of a combination of technology and a fall-out of having to work at home due to the pandemic, many meetings are now conducted virtually, a practice which is not likely to go away in the future. After all, who doesn’t love the fact that you only need to be presentable from the waist up as you discuss your company’s future? And with this simple, secure tool you are going to be able to manage your schedule and join meetings with just one click. One user named Salman wrote, "It's the smoothest, cleanest app I have ever used that does one thing at a time exceptionally well. 

Superpowered is compatible with the most popular virtual video-conferencing apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Around WebEx and more. You will be able to schedule unlimited meetings, receive calendar notifications and even email other attendees if you’re running late.

So if you are looking for you and your team to be more productive, this is the app you want. Available now for only half the regular retail price, for only $49.90 you will receive a one-year subscription to this “life-saver,” as one satisfied customer describes it. Get yours and see if you don’t agree.

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