Want To Learn How To Make Apps For iPhones, iPads, And More? This Training Can Get You There.

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The world is home to over 6.3 billion smartphones and another 1.2 billion tablets. Almost 90 percent of the time those owners spend on their devices is spent interacting with apps. And there's definitely no shortage of those, with the Apple App Store offering about 2 million different apps for iPhone and iPad users.


Of course, if you want to make your own apps available in that prime marketplace, it definitely pays to know the primary programming language of Apple app design, Swift, and its native interface framework SwiftUI. With the training in the Swift 5.5 Hacking iOS 15 App Development with SwiftUI 3 and Xcode 9, students can learn all the steps for crafting attractive, user-friendly apps for use across Apple's entire family of devices.

This course covers 17 hours of instruction, taking a project-based approach to learning all the fundamental programming concepts any new developer will need to know to make their own Apple-approved apps.

Crafted by the experts in tech training with Mammoth Interactive, this course starts at the basics. Students are introduced to the foundational Swift 5 coding language as well as the SwiftUI design framework and the XCode 9 development environment. Armed with these tools, learners can dive in and get started visually creating iOS iPadOS, macOS and even Apple watchOS apps, then publish them to the App Store.

As the training spotlights newer, more advanced tools and tactics to add to a learner's builds, the course also helps students create a portfolio of their working apps that can be used to help land iOS development jobs.


From fetching data from internal and external JSON files to desktop app development with Apple's Catalyst framework to creating custom interfaces, these hands-on projects can help even beginning coders improve their design skills and create their own app works to showcase their abilities.

The training in the Swift 5.5 Hacking iOS 15 App Development with SwiftUI 3 and Xcode 9 is usually a $200 value, but with the current deal, the entire package of app-building expertise is available for a fraction of that price, just $19.99.

Prices subject to change.