Want To Boost Your Productivity? You Can With This eReading Software

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You’ve got a huge presentation due in a few days and miles of research to pour through before you can even imagine writing anything remotely impressive. What do you do? Skim over reports, possibly missing pertinent information? Or… Is that a cold you feel coming on? Nope, neither of these ideas are going to work, and besides, there’s a better solution—speed reading. That’s right. It works, and it’s good for your brain. 


Before you get all panicked about learning a whole new skill set on your own, you can relax. There’s an eReader on the market that’s got you covered. Spreeder Speed eReader VIP uses RSVP technology so you can power through all your reading material 3 times faster than your normal reading speed. RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) enables you to speed read any digital content by reducing eye movement on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC. 

How does it work? Easy. This eReader features 24 scientifically designed activities and games to train you in all the areas you need to boost your reading speed, and it’s taught by the same experts who write best-selling books and train Fortune 100 companies on speed reading. Need further convincing? Spreeder has been featured on BuzzFeed, LifeHacker, Slate, MakeUseOf, Microsoft TechNet, and more.

Start improving your reading speed, boost your brainpower, and increase your output and productivity. Spreeder offers four reading modes for any text or reading style. You can easily adjust your speed and navigate from the comfort of your keyboard, and you’ve got 20,000 free classic books to begin your exciting speed reading adventure. What are you waiting for? Time is of the essence, and Spreeder will help you cherish it.

Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to Spreeder Speed Reader VIP for $39, or 90 percent off.


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