Uncover Your Dog's Breed And Health Markers With This DNA Test Kit, Now $60

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You’re not imagining it. Since the pandemic, there are more people out walking dogs than ever before. True, walking is one of the few activities that we are encouraged to do during these crazy times, so it’s inevitable that we’re seeing the likes of Fido and Rover more often, but statistics show that there has been a substantial increase in pet ownership since the start of the pandemic. In the United States, it's estimated that over 11 million households have welcomed a new fur baby, be that cat or dog, into their family.


With more and more of us working at home, we are spending A LOT of time with our pets, teaching them new tricks, trying out new looks and sharing our dinner with them. Plus we are getting to know their habits intimately — and some of them we’re not too crazy about. Before you go all “bad dog!” on your canine, it might be best to find the underlying reasons for their behavior, and that could lie in their DNA.

Ever since dogs have been domesticated, many of them have been bred for specific reasons, and resulting behaviors have been passed on through the generations. Herding dogs, for example, may nip to get their “flock” in line, making sure they know who’s the boss. Hunters tend to bark a lot, letting everyone know they found the desired prey (even if it's just your old lost sock) and their master better come quick. Some breeds require a lot of exercise, while others have separation anxiety.

Knowing a bit more about what your dog’s ancestors were bred for can give you special insight into what makes your pup tick. And while just knowing the breed doesn’t make the annoying habits simpler to cope with, it may give you an insight on the why, and help you to form and execute a training program.

Your dog’s breed may be obvious, particularly if it has come from a certified breeder, but if you have given your heart to a Heinz 57 — then who knows what breeds lie within? If that’s the case, having the dog’s DNA tested will not only give you a breakdown of its breed, or mixes thereof, but will also help to uncover any genetic health concerns and risk for certain diseases.


For just $59.99, a 24% savings off the regular price, DNA My Dog will help you do just that. Simply swab the inside of your pup’s cheek (hey, at least it’s not up the nose!) and then mail in the DNA sample. In two weeks not only will you get a full report including the above information, but from that you can start to understand your dog better, equip yourself with the knowledge to manage your dog, and strengthen your relationship.

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