Transform Your Life With These Productivity & Mindfulness Hacks

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No matter your industry, being more productive at work (and in life, for that matter) is possible with a handful of hacks. We’re not talking about intense multi-tasking or delegating, either; being more productive has to do with your mindset, your approach and a few unique skills. 


Start changing your life right now with the Productivity Master Class Bundle. Here you’ll find all the courses, insights and inspiration you need to get productivity (and positivity) down to a science. 

A few of the courses are obvious. One will show you how to hone your speed-reading skills with just 15 minutes of work each day — you'll reach your max reading speed in just 30 days. The masterclass on building lifelong habits gives you the tools to develop any habit you desire in just seven steps. There’s even a four-step framework for boosting your productivity, with lessons on setting goals and staying on track. 

There’s also a major mental component to our productivity that we can’t ignore. After all, our value is not determined by how productive we are, which means a solid workday can’t outdo a bad headspace. Learn to beat your most destructive thoughts in a course on correcting self-sabotage. You’ll learn to become more aware of your thoughts and pick up a few exercises that will help you rejigger a cynical mindset and eliminate negative emotions. 

If a happier mindset and more fulfilling life sounds good to you, jump right to the course on finding your purpose, complete with lessons from the world’s most renowned names. Transform your life with intel on Buddha’s keys to happiness, the secrets behind Warren Buffet’s success and the one belief that empowered Steve Jobs to be successful. There’s also a section on meditation, something that experts have long leaned on to find calm and mental clarity. 


Tap into your power and change your life for the better with help from this 12-course bundle. Right now, you can get The 2021 Productivity Master Class Bundle at $39.99, about $3.33 per course.

Prices subject to change.