This Smartphone Mount Acts Like Your Personal Photographer

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National Selfie Day is coming. Well, it's still four months away (June 21st, to be exact), but we all know how time flies. Though we suspect that we don't really need a designated day to strike a pose, it's nice to know that there has been a full 24 hours given to us to promote the fact that we love taking pictures of ourselves. In preparation for the big event, you will want to make sure you are camera-ready, or more accurately, that your camera is ready (read smartphone) with this Pivo Pod Red Auto-Tracking Motion Smartphone Mount.


As of 2015, it was reported that 93 million selfies were taken each day worldwide. With the increase of social media use, in particular Instagram and TikTok, that number has likely skyrocketed since then. The stats speak for themselves. According to Statista, In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media globally, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. And then there's the first "selfie" photograph in space taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, as NASA recently shared.

So what does this all mean for you? Whether you're an influencer, an influencer wannabe or just appreciate quality photos and videos, getting the perfect shot is an effective way to attract followers and delight friends. To reach that level, you may often feel like you need a third hand or an arm that stretches like Elastigirl's. We know that's not going to happen, but how about a gadget that would, in effect, be able to do the same things?

This Pivo Pod Red Smartphone Mount is the accessory that will act as your extra appendage. Consider it your personal photographer. It's like a tripod for your smartphone, only better. The auto-tracking technology keeps you in frame and in focus, allowing you to capture the perfect selfie or action shot, group photo, dynamic video, panoramic images, time-lapse motion videos and more, as your camera follows your every move. Smart Capture ensures that you get quality photos every time, freezing action. It also features nine creative modes that will take your pictures and videos to another level.

So grab the included remote control and let your creative juices run wild. All this for only $99.99.


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