This Pre-Black Friday Deal Gives You Total Biometric Authentication For Less

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Who wasn’t relieved when smartphones came out with fingerprint and facial recognition? No one, that’s who. The freedom to pick up a phone and simply apply a finger or look into your camera and presto — instant access! That was really something, but to add to that, who hates having to remember passwords for every single app and electronic account?


We all do, that’s who. It's a nightmare, especially now with those annoying “smart passwords”. Just try remembering one of those! Well, you can say goodbye to having to remember every password you’ve created because there’s a new biometric authentication tool in town: the JEM Biometric Authenticator.

This nifty gadget is your biometric key to all of your digital accounts. Yup, all of them! Plus, this deal even comes paired with a free lifetime JEMPass Password Manager Plan, so all of your login credentials are protected. With the HEM, all of your passwords and your protection are at your fingertips, literally. The passwords are saved in a secure vault and effortlessly accessed from any of your Window PCs, Macs, Android devices, iPhones and iPads. 

The end-to-end encryption uses XChaCha20-Poly1305 and built-in, standard, multi-factor authentication to ensure that your data is secure and cannot be decrypted without your JEM and fingerprint. Simple, single-touch multi-factor authentication means you can sign in seamlessly time and again to all your accounts with just one touch. What’s more? The JEM Biometric Authenticator allows you to work independently of iCloud and Google, so you can be signed into different accounts whenever you need.

Forgetting your passwords is now officially a thing of the past. With this Pre-Black Friday discount, you can grab a JEM Biometric Authenticator Device and a JEMPass Password Manager Plan for $117.12 with code SAVE15NOV.


Prices subject to change.