This Ingenious Water Bottle Can Eliminate Those Bacteria Buildups Once And For All

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If you leave your water bottle uncleaned for only 7 days, you can expect a bacteria-feeding frenzy to set in. In fact, about 300,000 cells per square centimeter will build inside that bottle over the course of just one week. That's more bacteria than you'd find in your standard dog water bowl!


Even if you try to clean your bottle regularly, there are often hard-to-reach spots where potentially harmful bacteria can still gather and grow. That problem led to the creation of the Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle, a high-quality BPA-free reusable bottle that makes it easy to eliminate any bacteria that could stay trapped inside a regular bottle.

Rather than sporting a traditional opening at the top, the Moovy bottle actually unscrews in the middle. That allows users to split the bottle in two, exposing the high-grade stainless steel interior to easy cleaning over every inch. Users can either wipe down the interior thoroughly to break up any buildup, or just toss both dishwasher safe pieces into the washer for a thorough cleaning.

In addition to making your water bottle infinitely easier to clean, that easy middle separation essentially turns your bottle into a convenient mug that can hold piping hot coffee or ice-cold water. It's even wide enough so you can drop in a few ice cubes too to keep your beverage chilled to perfection.

The Moovy bottle is vacuum insulated with antibacterial material both inside and out. Thanks to the stainless steel construction and a pair of leakproof caps, it can also hold those extreme temperatures for optimal drinking conditions. Hot drinks stay hot for up to 12 hours, while cold drinks remain chilled for up to 24 hours.


With enough room to hold more than 18 fluid oz., this bottle also comes equipped with an adjustable rubber handle. That makes it simple to carry back and forth to the gym or attach your bottle to a backpack or even a belt for easy transporting. 

Regularly $49, the Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle is also on sale now at almost 30 percent off, down to only $34.99 while this deal lasts.

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