This Game Creation Platform Is For Those Who Don't Know Coding, And It's Just $50

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The nearly global shutdown at the hands of COVID wasn't even a speedbump for the gangbusters video gaming market. In fact, this worldwide entertainment titan is now an industry worth almost $180 billion, which is over 76 percent higher than estimates made back in just 2016. Needless to say, gaming is more popular than ever, and even our distant cousins are joining the fun.


For those looking to jump into this fun-filled pursuit, entry into the industry has never been more attainable either. Unlike back in the pioneer days of gaming, it doesn't take a computer science degree and years of intensive coding training to make your own games. With the resources in The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle, users can create games for mobile and PC gaming with almost no knowledge of programming and design.

This package starts with a deep dive into exactly how GameGuru works. Their clean, efficient game creation process was designed especially for those without technical training to still build an immersive gaming experience. Using its drag-and-drop toolsets, creators can choose the type of game they want to build, then start customizing to make those templates truly unique.

The training explains exactly how to get started, from designing characters and introducing game objects to designing the fully textured gaming world around your gameplay. GameGuru runs on DirectX 11, which oversees how graphics, sound and other elements work together to build your game world. It also includes full PBR rendering, so gameplay is fluid and characters move through your environment realistically, all while your vision takes full advantage of the latest gaming technology.

Once users understand the bones of crafting a cool new game, the rest of the bundle includes more than a dozen different asset packs to help create just the look and feel you want.


If you want to set your game in a doctor's office or hospital, the Medical Pack features over 100 different items, including hospital beds, exam tables, medical instruments and more to build out your authentic environment. The Antiques in the Attack Pack adds cool stuff like old books, appliances and even a bathtub to your available resources, while the Construction Site Pack features nearly 100 items you'd find in building projects from concrete pipes and cinder blocks to bricks, pylons, forklifts and more.

Whether you want exotic weapons or a sword and sorcery vibe, an industrial feel or sci-fi elements for a game set on Mars, these packs are essential to a fully customized game experience to translate your vision right to the screen.

Altogether, the training and assets in The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle are valued at almost $400. But with the current deal, shoppers can save almost 90 percent off, scooping up all the gaming know-how and component parts for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.