This Digital Microscope With 200x Zoom Takes Photos & Videos

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Microscopes offer us a fresh, new perspective on the world around us. Tiny fragments come to life under the lens, sometimes even rendering minute fragments unrecognizable (this quiz is proof of that). Microscopes are also something of a novelty item, a tool we typically think is reserved for lab coats and expert researchers. While you may not have access to tons of state-of-the-art microscopes like this guy, you can get a powerful, portable, and well-priced version today.  

Zoom in on this awesome deal. Now, you can get the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand for $144 when you use code TAKE20 at checkout (that's a 20% savings off the MSRP). A great educational tool for kids and adults alike, this microscope is small but mighty. Let's take a closer look at the specs, no pun intended. 


This modern microscope provides 200x magnification, so you can get up close and personal with just about anything you choose (you can see 2mm to 1.22mm, to be exact). With eight LED lights built-in, you’ll get a clear viewing experience of every item you zoom in on. Setup-wise, you can use the adjustable cradle stand or remove it to convert this smart design into a handheld microscope. 

Catch something cool? You can take photos and videos of your every discovery – up to 1920x1080 resolution – thanks to the Veho microscope's 2MP lens. You can easily keep track of your findings, too. The included calibration software allows you to record and save measurements directly on your device, so you can access your scientific data from the moment you start ‘scoping. 

Hours of educational entertainment await. Start your own scientific research from the comfort of your home with the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand for $144, down 20% from the original MSRP. 

Prices subject to change.