This App Turns Any Content Into Audio, Reducing Screen Time

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Screen time is at an all-time high lately, with much of the workforce staring at a computer for hours a day. Between that and the ample time we spend scrolling on our phones or watching TV, it only makes sense that the population is experiencing digital eye strain. In fact, reports are showing that this sometimes-excessive screen time is causing vision problems in children and adults alike. 


While we may not be able to escape or change our increasingly digital environment, we can employ a smart tool to help us cope. Enter: Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription, the mobile app that turns everything from PDFs and articles to meeting notes into audio format. Consider Elocance your new assistant, reading all your important correspondence and content to you so your eyes can catch a break from that blue light and allow you to multitask. 


This user-loved app is rated 4.4 stars on the App Store for a reason. It turns pretty much any text into audio instantly, whether that’s a multi-page report, lengthy newsletter or a short email. You can even create playlists, making it easy to tune into any content while on the go. Your commute, workout or even just time spent with the computer closed just got more productive than ever. Plus, science shows that looking away from your screen can even help you stay alert sans caffeine – just another perk of putting that device down.

Elocance is convenient and high-quality. This audio app offers HD voice options as well as accents. It’s as easy as it sounds, too. Just check out the features in the likes of L'ADN, Les Echos, 20 Minutes, LCI, Maddyness and more. Elocance was also featured on Product Hunt, the platform dedicated to highlighting the most innovative products on the market, with 681 upvotes. 


It's time to give your eyes a break – without affecting productivity. Right now, you can get the Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription for $34.99, down 91% from the original MSRP.

 Prices subject to change.