These DIY Kits Can Help Get Your Kids More Interested In STEM Subjects

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Since the introduction of the STEM acronym in the early aughts, interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has skyrocketed. There’s been an especially visible push to get students of all ages into these subjects, with educators and industry insiders citing the incredible career opportunities that await graduates with degrees in these fields. 


As with most things, the earlier that students dive into the world of STEM, the stronger their skill sets and subsequent opportunities will be. Whether your child has already shown interest in STEM subjects or you’re encouraging them to explore, school isn’t the only place that kids can start learning. Enter: The STEM Starter Bundle: Robotic & Curiosity Kits, designed to pique any kid's interest and get their critical thinking skills going. 

Learning time is disguised as playtime with these two cool kits. The Robotic Kit is a LEGO-compatible toy that teaches kids problem-solving skills as well as design and technology principles. Designed for ages 5-8, this kit will boost your little student’s creative confidence and even increase their attention span. The Curiosity Kit also sharpens those skills and was designed to illustrate key technology concepts for kids ages 7-10. Kids will get a solid foundation in STEM principles as they learn through constructive play including 15 exciting DIY experiments. 

All in all, it's great timing to pick up this deal, as data shows the pandemic has prompted kids' interest in STEM fields. In fact, one survey found that the pandemic has actually sparked UK kids’ interest in these areas after seeing the important work being done by doctors, nurses, researchers, and the like. There have also been efforts in the US to get more women into STEM careers.  

A parent-approved buy, these impressive STEM kits won the 2020 Bett Awards and were dubbed the Silver Winner of the 2020 Play for Change Awards. The kids aren’t complaining, either; expect them to play (read: learn) for hours on end.


Right now, you can get The STEM Starter Bundle: Robotic & Curiosity Kits for $79.99, down 33% from the original MSRP.

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